One in a Million

by Ian Gill Sculpture

Dragons Eye

by Ian Gill Sculpture

Mad Hatters Dining Suite

by Ian Gill Sculpture


by Ian Gill Sculpture

The Calm and the Chaos

by Ian Gill Sculpture

Make a Wish

by Ian Gill Sculpture

4 Glass Gin Tree – Ideal for these lovely warm days drinking Gin in lockdown or make great Beer glasses for the guys too.
This offer will run until the end of May the 31st.
Free glasses and postage.

About Ian Gill Sculpture

Ian Gill Sculpture - Artistic BlacksmithIan Gill AWCB is an award winning metal sculptor who has been designing and creating contemporary works of art for almost two decades. He studied at Hereford Collage of Art & Design for 3 years perfecting his knowledge and understanding of blacksmithing, also incorporating wood and stone.

His full understanding of hot metal has enabled him to use a combination of traditional blacksmithing and modern industrial techniques, working with heavy gauge materials that can be hot forged.

His inspiration comes from natural organic forms combined with an industrial twist representing nature in its natural form, creating the captivating work he produces today ‘Conceptual Reality In Steel’.

Ian Gill’s work can be viewed at various exhibitions around the UK throughout the year. His public commissions include 4 permanent installations in Bushy Park Water Gardens Hampton Court and he most recently created and installed an exclusive large set of bamboo/leaf gates on the Kings Road London. Ian was also commissioned to design and produce a selection of sculptures for Coworth Park Hotel (Dorchester Collection).

He has exhibited widely and his work is held extensively in collections throughout the UK and Europe, as well as being sold through Sothebys.

Ian’s work has recently been selected to represent Sculptors from the UK as part of the 2016 metal symposium held the Czech Republic. Ian will be producing his chosen design to be permanently installed in the city centre of Mlada’ Boleslav.


Giant Dragonfly & Bulrush Sculpture at Le Manoir with Raymond Blanc
Garden, Sculpture, Water Sculpture

Belmond Le Manoir

Garden, Sculpture, Water Sculpture
Ian Gill Sculpture - Make a Wish Garden Sculpture
Garden, Sculpture

Make a Wish

Garden, Sculpture
Whats next sculpture - Ian Gill Sculpture

Whats Next

Giant Dragonfly on Bulrush garden sculpture
Garden, Sculpture

Giant Dragonfly & Bulrush Sculpture

Garden, Sculpture
Water Sculpture installation by Ian Gill
Garden, Sculpture, Water Sculpture

Mumbai India

Garden, Sculpture, Water Sculpture
Ian Gill Sculpture - Dorchester Hotel, Coworth Park, Ascot
Garden, Interiors, Sculpture

Dorchester Hotel, Coworth Park, Ascot

Garden, Interiors, Sculpture
Water Sculpture by Ian Gill Sculpture
Garden, Sculpture, Water Sculpture

Bushy Park, Hampton Court

Garden, Sculpture, Water Sculpture

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Don’t forget the lit Make A Wish Panels all thanx to Light Your Garden at 2019 #RHSChelseaFlowerShow
Last day at Chelsea Flower Show😥till next year. No packing uppppp yaaaa Thank you @BradstoneUK
Look forward to 2021 @raymond_blanc Can’t wait to see this piece in your lake now summer is on its way. Hopefully…
Thank you to @BradstoneUK last year at Chelsea Flower Show. You helped us get our 5 gold stars with the paving. Loo…
RT @The_RHS: If you missed Virtual #RHSChelsea Members' Day yesterday, you can catch up on Monday's content at Do…
Make A Wish Panels Check these out! #RHSChelseaFlowerShow #VirtualChelsea @IanGSculpture
We have some great ideas for next years 2021 #chelseaflowershow #jardinblanc watch this space!
#RHSChelsea #raymondblanc #chelseaflowershow These two looking a bit chuffed with themselves! Chelsea Flower Show…
And there we are! On the #RHSChelsea slide show, on the front page of the #chelseaflowershow Who’s coming shoppin…


We had a great day yesterday in London, doing our first annual maintenance check, on our Regent Street roof top garden project. I have to say how fantastic the planters look now all the plants have found their roots and are now growing amazingly. When we installed these copper planters on the 6th floor, the lift was not working 😫
But still a small price to pay, to work alongside the incredible Fiona Stephenson, the joys we had 🤥😂
When is our next project Fiona!!
So the shows are over and we are going full steam ahead with all our orders. #sculpture #water #leaves
It’s all over for another Year! So lovely to meet all our new customers and just as nice to see all our existing customers, thank you for your support. #rhs #gardenfestival #art #metalart #sculprure
The View from my office today, let’s see what the day brings us ! #rhs #hamptoncourtflowershow #sculpture #art #garden #garden
Another beautiful day at the RHS Hampton Court flower festival. #gunnera #sculpture #garden #art #design #metal #bestinshow
Have a fantastic day here at Hampton Court, still can’t believe we was awarded Best in Show. Seems to be bringing in the orders so definitely worth all the hard work and effort put in by everyone. ##RHS #hamptoncourt #sculpture @bradstoneuk @lindumturf #light your garden #art #pinterest
Well now it’s all got really Crazy!
We have now been presented with best in show !! We got. Presented with this prestigious award about half an hour ago. So pleased 🍾🥂#rhshamptoncourtflowershow. #bestinshow #sculpture #showgarden
Here we are, that time of year again the #rhshamptoncourtflowershow, festivale. The judging has been done and we have been awarded 5 gold again! So chuffed 😎 a massive thank you to everyone who worked so hard with me on this project. And also a massive thank you to @bradstoneuk for your amazing paving @lightyourgarden for your incredible lighting @vintage_mrs_p for your incredible planting again! @beau.bidwell for keeping us entertained, @gav6012 for being my wing man and last but no means least @angelinajane for doing all the stuff in the background that everyone takes for granted our unsung hero,
Shell X
#hamptonroads Court 2019. The stand is ready for
For Business. #sculpture #art #metalsculpture #design #pinterest
Another installation yesterday, these Corten steel Make a wish Panels look stunning in this beautiful garden. #sculpture #art #pinterest #iangillsculpture #rust #makeawish #garden #gardenart .
Hard to believe that only 7 days ago, we was doing our final Chelsea breakdown. This stand took us over 200 hours to build up and 28 hrs to take down! This included 1 X 18 ton lorry and 2 X 3.5 ton Van loads to transport our entire stand back to Base. We start all over again in 2 weeks time, and build it all over again. #rhschelsea #sculpture #jardinblanc @lindumturf @lightyourgarden @bradstoneuk
Last Day at @rhs_chelseaflowershow was nice to meet up with the man him self!@raymondblanc Looking forward to working with the #jardinblanc next year. Bigger better and twice as bonkers. #rhschelsea #art #sculpture watch this space!
Our dragons enjoying the #rhschelsea sunshine above the Wildflower turf sourced from @lindumturf. #art #sculpture #bradstone
Very proud to be working with the #jardinblanc again this year. I have to say this has got to be one of the coolest pop-up restaurants ever created ! #rhschelsea #raymondblanc @lightyourgarden @raymondblanc @richgee1 #pinterest
Very proud to be working with the #jardinblanc again this year. I have to say this has got to be one of the coolest pop-up restaurants ever created ! #rhschelsea #raymondblanc @lightyourgarden @raymondblanc @richgee1
I I’m so pleased to announce that we have been awarded a 5 star for our stand. We are so pleased with everything.
A massive thank you to Bradstone paving for your support again. @bradstoneuk and foliation @ighgyourgarden and Osca plants. Our build crew @beau.bidwell @gav6012 @angelinajane @sorin_malihen for all your hard work. #rhschelsea #bradstone.
Today we find out what award we get for our Stand. @rhs_chelseaflowershow @bradstoneuk @lindumturf @lightyourgarden #sculpture #rhschelsea #art
Today we find out what award we get for our Stand. @rhs_chelseaflowershow @bradstoneuk @lindumturf @lightyourgarden #sculpture #rhschelsea #art #pinterest
It’s so nice to be at the other end of the build this week. @bradstoneuk thank you again I really feel the stand would look not so good with out your help,also @foliation for your incredible planting, and @oscaplants the quality are always second to none. @lightyourgarden for your amazing lights they really do complete the overall look, with out all of your input , we could never build a stand to this standard. #rhschelsea @lightyourgarden @bradstoneuk #sculpture
Thursday, and we can see light at the end of the tunnel. #rhschelsea #sculpture #art #cortensteel #gardendesign #gardenart
John,from #lightyourgarden has arrived to start the installation of the lighting of my sculptures featured at the #jardinblanc for #raymondblanc #rhschelsea flower show 2019 I am so excited to see them lit. #art #sculpture #restaurantdesign #cortensteel
The final three panels went into the #jardinblanc yesterday. #raymondblanc #rhschelsea #sculpture #art #restaurant #restaurantdesign @bradstoneuk @bradstoneuk
The final three panels went into the #jardinblanc yesterday. #raymondblanc #rhschelsea #sculpture #art #restaurant #restaurantdesign @bradstoneuk @bradstoneuk
I have to say how good our Bradstone Paving is! These porcelain tiles have gathered so much interest by lots Landscapers and designers already here at Chelsea. #bradstonepaving #bradstone #rhschelsea @bradstoneuk


Nightingale, this is an old pic I’ve just found, #art #sculpture #nightingale #metalart #chelseaflowershow #flight
#charliesays #workfromhome As difficult as it is, try your best !! #besafe #lockdown #thankyou #nhs #selfisolation #sculpture #art #snailfie @originalsnailonatrail
Another day in the garden😎 #stayhome #besafe #lockdown #lookafteryourself
If your going to have a drink, why not do it in style ! We have made a few of these Gin trees which would be a perfect accompaniment for any occasion. Work great as beer/ or mock tail glasses. Treat your self or some one else. #gin #gintree #gintrees #gintreesarethewayforward #pinterest #iangillsculpture #lovethis #staysafe #selfisolation
This is my office, my Forge, the smell, the silence when that forge fan stops, creativity finished for the day, time for a beer. #lovemyjob #artistblacksmith #artist #sculpture #please #staysafe and please look after your selves. Thank you for this pic @trixa_bella

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