Ian Gill Sculpture - Garden SculpturesSculpture Information

All our metal sculptures which you may of seen at a show or on the website are of a light grey colour, this is because we Galvanize and Etch them to give them a long lasting finish.

What does this mean?

Galvanizing a metal gives it anti corrosion properties. Without the protective zinc coating the metal would remain exposed to the elements and potentially oxidize and corrode much faster.

Galvanizing is a zinc coating applied to steel through a process called Hot Dip in which steel goes through molten zinc. It has a history going back over 200 years, and is achieved at a relatively low environmental burden in terms of energy and other globally relevant impacts.

As the surface area changes with the seasons, for example: during the winter season our products are a darker finish (as mostly wet) and in the drier seasons is a lighter looking finish. As zinc being a living surface, this changes accordingly with the weather climate.

Sculpture Placement and Installation guide

The right sculpture can make the perfect focal point when placed in the correct position. When choosing a sculpture for your garden, there are a few important things to take into account!

The idea is to create a strong focal point, which will draw the eye to certain parts of the garden.

Using art in your garden can be the perfect ingredient to break up the monotony of planting and create additional interest. This becomes very apparent and a valuable asset in the winter months when the plants are not flowering.

The location for your sculpture comes down to the design and layout of your garden. A well-designed garden utilises the space well, and therefore adding some artwork can truly enhance your garden. When choosing a sculpture, don’t be afraid to be bold with your ideas because this can add a completely different dynamic. Which way does your garden face? this can work in your favour for instance, if you have a north facing garden using dramatic lighting can really lift the shaded area. I like to use shadows on a lot of my work, so in this case, a south facing garden can truly work to your benefit. I have created a sculpture called Dragons Eye which casts a shadow as the sun shines through, so before the sun rises in the morning, the eye is closed, and as the sun travels around the garden and passes through the sculpture, the eye slowly opens. Therefore with the help of the sun rising and setting creating the shadows, the eye looks like it is opening and closing.

Ian Gill Sculpture - Garden SculpturesFollowing the simple steps below will enable you to get a sense of scale and perspective of what the sculpture will look like in your own garden. For this purpose you will need to make a simple mock-up that is approximately the same size as your chosen sculpture using items such as canes, flowerpots, buckets, or a garden spade or fork.

Position the mock-up where you are thinking of placing the sculpture, and then you will be able to view this from various positions around garden and inside your home, which is equally important.

This will help you to get a feel of how the final sculpture will look once installed, and if necessary, make adjustments to the location. Do not be afraid of this exercise as this is the fun part, and following these simple steps should help you choose the perfect sculpture for your space.

Our sculptures have a 30cm round base and has 3 x 13mm holes drilled out to ensure you are able to secure safely on a patio decking or soil. If you need more height, we are happy to discuss plinths that your sculpture can be mounted onto.

Birdbath Preparation

Once you receive your Ian Gill Sculpture Birdbath, we advise the following: Due to the nature of the etching process, there will be a slight cloudiness in the water in your Birdbath, this is due to the oxidisation of the zinc, the chalky type appearance is normal. Using a scouring pad, wet the surface and GENTLY rub the inside of the leaf using the green side of the sponge.
Repeat the process each day for 3 to 4 days, making sure the surface is wet and rinse out each time and refill with fresh water. Once this has been completed the water will now be clear rather than cloudy looking. This cleaning process needs to be done after you purchase your Birdbath and annually thereafter. Warning: If you allow your Birdbath to dry out in direct sun, this could stain the inside of the leaf, therefore making it difficult to clean.

Please remember wild birds need fresh water all year round.