Double Lily Pad Bird Bath by Ian Gill Sculpture
Double Lily Pad Bird Bath by Ian Gill Sculpture

Double Lily Pad Bird Bath


Double Lily Pad Bird Bath/Feeder

Top pad for water, bottom pad for food (PLEASE CHECK WHEN ORDERING) As not always in stock this combination!

Double lily pad makes an ideal drinking and feeding station for the birds that visit your garden.
We have found that the food in the top pad will then make the water messy, which is why now all the pads are baths on top and feeding station on bottom.
We can make as both feeders or both for water, please email to order.

(but the holes must be drilled before galvanizing to allow for the galvo to secure the holes from rusting)

Price includes P & P UK Mainland only.

Material: Forged Steel
Finish: Galvanized & etched
Height 140cm
Width 25cm
Length 69cm



The Double Lily Pad Bird Bath by award winning Metal Sculptor Ian Gill makes a fantastic addition to any garden, big or small. The Double Lily Pad Bird Bath is made from Forged Steel which is hot dip galvanized to prevent rusting, the galvanized steel sculpture is coated with a mild etching solution which gives the surface an oxidized lead appearance to create our unique long lasting finish.

The Double Lily Pad Bird Bath has two Lily Pads, the top one we would recommend filling with water for the Birds, and the bottom Lily pad can be filled with food for the birds. This way any food falling from the Lily pad does not contaminate the water. (PLEASE NOTE, IF USING FOR FOOD THEN THIS PAD WILL HAVE DRAIN HOLES DRILLED FOR DRAINAGE, SO PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING)

Having a Bird Bath in your garden, provides water for the birds and insects in and around your home. It is essential that birds keep their feathers in good condition, and bathing is an important part of feather maintenance. Dampening the feathers loosens the dirt and makes the feathers easier to preen. So the addition of one of our stunning Bird Baths to your garden not only provides an interesting focal point, but makes a real difference to the wildlife in and around your home and garden.

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